Agro Textile

The Agro textile group represents a few of the world’s most crucial textile manufacturers and suppliers. The Agro textile group includes the leading textile creating and handling companies, nanotechnology with generators located in Italy, India, China, Brazil and the United States. Agro textile creation involves the availability of fabrics just for local, nationwide, and worldwide markets. The Agro textile companies manufacture and supply fabrics used for security, fashion, room and environmental design, sports and leisure time, agriculture, construction, automotive and marine sectors and other specific textile goods.

The Agro textile group is a part of the IDP (INDEX) group of commercial organizations. The Agro Textile Group is among the leading agro fiber textile manufacturers and exporters in India. The main areas of concentrate of the the company incorporate apparel, materials, footwear, pharmaceuticals, setting and foodstuff grade goods, machinery, construction material, chemicals and pesticides.

The primary markets of Agro Fabric group will be the U. H., South Africa, Italy, Japan and Taiwan. In addition to these, Agro Textile has got global sales outlets in Canada, Mexico, Italy, Pakistan, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, India, Laxa, sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore plus the Philippines. The art textile creation plants operate by the organization employ much more than 1500 people-mainly unskilled. The textile products manufactured by these types of textile generators are utilized intended for apparel, horticulture, construction, sea and agrumiculture. Some of the linen products generated by the companies include khaki, egyptian cotton, synthetic materials, trousers and suits, sneakers, chemical substance engineering clothing, gloves, surgical gloves, rubberized gloves, artificial fibers, silk, wool, pashm and jute.

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